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Award-Winning App for kids under 5 to 9 years

We're super proud to tell you that Kidlo Coding has become a multiple award-winning app garnering applause from moms, teachers and academics worldwide!

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What Exactly is Coding?

Coding is a set of instructions given to complete a task. It involves breaking down larger tasks into smaller logical steps, finding errors and coming up with new approaches whenever necessary.
In simpler terms, coding is like talking to a computer and telling it what to do.

Why Learn Coding?

We've found that coding is a MUST-HAVE skill, especially in today's fast-paced digital world. It is set to become the new literacy. But why is coding so essential?

  • Coding makes your kids smarter
  • Kids will develop logic, creativity, problem-solving and analytical thinking skills - essential for school and beyond.

  • Coding lets you create AWESOME things
  • Coding is what makes apps, softwares, websites, drones, robots and even rockets possible. Look at your smartphone, your laptop, your iPad and even Alexa. There's Code EVERYWHERE.

  • Coding opens up the highest-paying job opportunities
  • It's a great asset in careers of software development, app development, web designing, robotics and more.

  • Coding boosts future prospects in the STEM fields
  • Your kids can become a part of an innovation which might change their lives AND the world.

  • Coding helps kids gain courage to explore new things
  • Kids will develop confidence, persistence and communication skills!

  • What do teachers and tech experts say?
  • To excel in this ever-changing world, every child must know the basics of coding.

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    Why should you choose Kidlo Coding?

    We've made 50+ FUN
    games on topics
    that kids love

    There are 1000+ levels
    for your kids to solve

    Perfect for kids
    between 5-9

    Kidlo Coding has everything your child needs to know about coding concepts

    Check out the coding concepts covered in this app:

    Mom bloggers have been raving about Kidlo Coding! Parents and teachers too!

    "This App from Kidloland was awesome, Liam was instantly hooked! It is easy for him to try & do it on his own."

    "Kidloland Coding improves problem solving skills, boosts memory and increases logical thinking skills and time management."

    "Jay and I played with it a little bit tonight before bedtime and I seriously loved it! Such an easy way to introduce the simple building blocks to coding!"

    "Not only is this App great for children, but I found it really fun too!, and I would be lying if I said I didn't play it when A was in bed."

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