Parents & Teachers Love Kidlo Coding


Technology Teacher

New York

We just started using Kidlo Coding Games in my classroom and are enjoying the sequencing activities. Thank you so much for creating such a fun coding app for kids.


Emma Got Style

Its fun way to get kids to learn and problems solve in fun way with cool characters and plenty of great games to choose from.

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Liam Arroyo


Finding coding for kids from kidloland was awesome, Liam was instantly hooked! It is easy for him to try and do it on his own.

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Sienna Phoenix

Sienna said so


She loves the graphics and the vibrant colours, the music even gets her dancing every time.

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Jubilant jaxon

Very engaging and educational. He loves the different things like firetruck and ice cream and feeding the monster after brushing his teeth.

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United Kingdom

Kidloland Coding improves problem solving skills, boosts memory and increases logical thinking skills and time management.

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Zombiie Mummy

United Kingdom

Not only is this App great for children, but I found it really fun too!, and I would be lying if I said I didn't play it when A was in bed.

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Paige Flamm

The Happy Flammily

United States

Jay and I played with it a little bit tonight before bedtime and I seriously loved it!

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Hazel Eyes Mom

United States

It is an app that really tests their ability to solve problems while promoting memorization and time management.

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