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Creating a generation of early coders is much easier when programming is taught in school.


What is Coding?

Coding is a set of instructions given to complete a task. If you want someone to reach from one block to another, you will have to give the right direction and it would go on its own. If the directions are not correct, it will reach the wrong block. Coding is as simple as it.

Why Learn Coding?

According to elementary teachers and technology experts, to excel in this ever changing world, every child needs to know the basics of coding. Coding develops analytical thinking, problem solving skills and logical reasoning - these skills are essential for any job in life.

Why learn coding

Why choose Kidlo Coding?

Kidlo Coding games for kids is a fun app to teach kids (5-9 years) the basics of programming with sequencing, loops and functions and more. There are 50+ games with 1000+ interesting levels in all, which can be solved with these basic coding experts.

Top Coding Games

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Connect the dots

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Push the block

Parents and Teachers love kidlo Coding

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It is an app that really tests their ability to solve problems while promoting memorization and time management.

Not only is this App great for children, but I found it really fun too!, and I would be lying if I said I didn't play it when A was in bed.

Finding coding for kids from kidloland was awesome, Liam was instantly hooked! It is easy for him to try and do it on his own.

Its fun way to get kids to learn and problems solve in fun way with cool characters and plenty of great games to choose from.

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Basic concepts your child will learn

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Sequences is the first step and more important part of coding. The command is executed exactly same order of events giving by the coder.

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Loops is a concept of repeating set of commands.


Functions are a set of commands which can be used anytime as per the coders wish or requirement.


All array is a collection of similar type of objects which is used to arrange things in a particular way.


Debugging is the process of finding and correcting errors in a given computer program.


Solving by a combination of the above commands.